Mitch Hayes (Los Sundays) – Building a Tequila Brand for the Millennial, Focusing on Generating Demand, and a Taste of the Beverage Industry

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Thank you Joe Tonnos for the introduction to today’s guest, Mitch Hayes, founder and CEO of Los Sundays Tequila. Los Sundays is the tequila for the millennial and founded on the principles of Quality, Originality and Style.

One book that inspired Mitch personally is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho . One book that inspired him professionally is Damn Good Advice by George Lois.

You can follow Los Sundays on Instagram @los_sundays. You can also follow your host, Mike, on Twitter @mikegelb. You can also follow for episode announcements @consumervc.

Some of the questions I ask Mitch –

  1. Talk to me about your attraction to entrepreneurship and what led you to founding Los Sundays?
  2. What was your approach when it came to taste testings?
  3. How did you decide on your first type of Tequila and how do you think about product mix?
  4. Your approach from the beginning was thinking about demand first rather than supply and being able to capture demand.
    1. How were able to generate demand?
    2. What was your launch strategy?
  5. Is there pay to play when it comes to drinks in bars and recommendations from bartenders?
  6. How did you approach your supply chain from the very beginning?
  7. How did you think about your brand positioning?
  8. How did you think about growth, offline and online?
  9. Why did you choose to fundraise?
  10. What was your fundraising strategy?
  11. What has been some of the effects of COVID on your business?
  12. What’s one piece of advice for founders that are planning on starting a food and bev type business?

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