Coulter Lewis (Sunday) – Introducing D2C and Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care, and Lessons From a Serial Entrepreneur

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Thank you Jordan Nof for introducing me to today’s guest Coulter Lewis, founder and CEO of Sunday. Sunday provides nutrient and soil health plans for garden and lawn care. Previously, Coulter founded Quinn Snacks, the successful farm to bag snack company. But in this episode we focus on Sunday and lawn care. We talk about pesticides, why lawn care is an overlooked massive category, and Coulter’s journey as a successful serial entrepreneur.

One of Coulter’s favorite books is Traction by Gino Wickman.

Here are a few questions that I asked Coulter –

  1. What attracted you initially to entrepreneurship?
  2. How did working at IDEO impact how you looked at business?
  3. After you left Quinn Snacks, what made you decide to found Sunday?
  4. Talk to me about the early days of Sunday. What were some of the challenges that you faced?
  5. How did you approach your supply chain?
  6. What led you to raise money and approach VCs?
  7. What was the biggest obstacle when fundraising?
    1. Was you being located in Colorado rather than the coasts an issue?
  8. What was your launch strategy and how did you think about finding product-market fit?
  9. You launched Sunday on the D2C channel. There’s lots of talk about how there is saturation in paid marketing since 85% of online ads go to Google and Facebook and theres no longer the arbitrage opportunities that existed in the early 2010s. How do you think about online advertising?
  10. What’s one piece of advice that you have for founders?

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