Tim Katt (TACK Ventures) – How Tech is Disrupting Sports, Media and Advice for Founders in Secondary Markets

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Tim Katt is the managing partner and co-founder of TACK Ventures, TACK Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm based in Brooklyn and focused on investing in game-changers across sports, media, lifestyle and entertainment. Some of their investments include Overtime, ShotTracker, Roam, Greenfly and Grasshopper Bank.

Tim also Co-Founded the Global Sports Venture Studio (“GSVS”) with R/GA Ventures and the Los Angeles Dodgers. As Managing Director of the GSVS, Tim advised executives at leading organizations in the sports industry including adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fox Sports, Levy Restaurants, MLB, MLS, the NHL, Octagon and UEFA, on corporate innovation and venture investment.

One book that inspired Tim personally and professionally is Principles by Ray Dalio.

Tim also recently started a podcast called The Game Plan, where he and Jay Kapoor interview current and former professional athletes about theoretically business interests off the field. If you’d like to keep tabs on Tim, you can follow him on Twitter @tim_katt. To follow along behind the scenes of the show, you can follow @mikegelb and @consumervc.

Thank you Jay Kapoor for introducing me to Tim.

In this episode you will learn – 

  1. What attracted Tim to venture capital from a career in media? The uniqueness of TACK and typical check size? What makes New York unique? The Rise of Venture Capital in Sport. Tim’s diligence process. How he thinks about the landscape of the media industry changing from advertising model to a subscription model? How he’s thinking about media and ecommerce converging?
  2. Qualities he likes to see in founders during your evaluation process? For consumer companies, how do you know when you’ve found product-market fit? Consumer trends Tim’s focused on. How he thinks about investing in today’s landscape with the abundance of capital that is currently in the ecosystem? What is something that he would change when it came to venture capital?
  3. What’s one company that he had the opportunity to invest in, didn’t, and in retrospect wish he did? What is his most recent (announced) investment and why are he excited about it? What is one piece of advice for founders of consumer companies?

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