Mike Duboe (Greylock) – Learnings as Head of Growth at Stitch Fix & Tilt, The Importance of Saying No, and Analyzing Health of Acquisition

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Mike Duboe joined Greylock Partners in 2018 and leads investments in commerce, marketplaces, and consumer more broadly. Previously, he led growth at Stitch Fix, Tilt, and others and has created, scaled, led growth teams from Series A through IPO across a span of businesses. Greylock Partners is one of the oldest venture capital firms, founded in 1965. Some of their investments include Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Instagram, RedFin, Pandora and many many more.

Two books that impacted Mike were Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and The One Thing by Gary Keller.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @mduboe. You are also welcome to follow your host @mikegelb and @consumervc for updates.

In this episode you will learn – 

  1. What attracted you to leave consulting in order to pursue working on growth at startups? Lessons learned as head of growth at Stitch Fix and Tilt? The reason why Mike switched from being an operator to investor? How Mike thinks about online customer acquisition costs in today’s landscape? When should a founder make his/her first growth hire?
  2. How does a consumer company know when they have found product market fit? In the early stage, during the pitch, what do you like to see from founders when there isn’t much data to go on when evaluating opportunities? How he thinks about health of acquisition and customer acquisition costs? 
  3. What are some of the challenges when evaluating consumer businesses? What are some consumer trends and opportunities that he is most excited about?
  4. What is something that he would change when it came to venture capital? What is one piece of advice that Mike has for founders of consumer companies?

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