Jay Kapoor (Launch Capital) – Persistence, Building Trust & Finding Founder-Market Fit

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Jay is a Principal at Launch Capital, one of the pioneering seed-stage investing firms. They often write the first check to startups that they invest in. Some of their big consumer wins include Spotify and Snap.

Jay has worked at Launch since 2018 and also has experience working in corporate VC and Techstars. He’s written some great articles and thought-provoking Twitter updates on venture capital and startups. You can follow Jay on Twitter Here and Medium Here. If you are a founder and working on something innovative, have a question youโ€™d like to hear VCs or founders answer on the show you can DM and follow the hostย @mikegelb. You can also follow for episode announcementsย @consumervc.

A book that has impacted Jay both professionally and personally is  To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink

In this podcast episode, you will learn – 

1. Jay’s background and how he became passionate about early investing. The challenges when it comes to conducting due diligence on consumer-facing businesses. A day in the life working with founders at Techstars.

2. How he approaches decision-making processes and establishing trust amongst founders in their decision-making abilities?

3. How investor attitudes towards D2C companies changed over the past few years? How successful founders are adapting to increasing online marketing customer acquisition costs and continue to scale? 

4. What are some of the reasons why a company in an accelerator is not able to raise a seed round or progress to the next phase of fundraising? A specific metric that is insightful that other investors might gloss over when evaluating startups?

5. One company that he either invested in or worked with that he’s excited about? What is one company that he wishes he had invested in?

“The Consumer VC” is a podcast hosted by Mike Gelb devoted to interviewing early-stage consumer-focused venture capitalists and founders of b2c businesses to educate and learn about the inner workings of consumer startup investing.

If you would like to follow along you can click “Subscribe” on the Apple podcast app or whichever platform you are listening on. If you enjoyed the episode, feel free to also leave a review. You are also to see all episodes here and learn more at www.theconsumervc.com and follow Mike on Twitter or Instagram

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