71. Mitch Hayes (Los Sundays) – Building a Tequila Brand for the Millennial, Focusing on Generating Demand, and a Taste of the Beverage Industry

70. Sasha Astafyeva (Atomico) – Growing a Real Estate Tech Company in Brazil, Series A Consumer Landscape in Europe, and How She Thinks About International Expansion

69. Nick Mindel (Amberstone) – Differences Between Trends and Fads, The Opportunity He Saw Investing In Consumer Brands, Why He’s Bullish On Founders Located In Secondary Markets

68. Ezra Galston (Starting Line) – Benefits of Chicago, Managed vs. Lightly Managed Marketplaces, and Consumer for the 99%

67. Coulter Lewis (Sunday) – Introducing D2C & Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care, and Lessons From a Serial Entrepreneur

66. Adam Cohen-Aslatei (S’more) – Bringing Inclusivity and Honesty to Online Dating, and How He Successfully Fundraised

65. Jesse Draper (Halogen) – Why Investing In Female Led Businesses is Such a Massive Opportunity, Los Angeles Consumer Tech Scene, and Consuming Meaningful Content

64. Soraya Darabi (TMV) – The Care Economy, Where Change Needs to Start In VC, and How to Approach Market Sizing

63. Meera Clark (Obvious Ventures) – How COVID Led to a Crossroads in Healthy Habits, Milestones at Series A, and How She Thinks About Sustainability and Consumer Centric

62. Eric Paley (Founder Collective) – Why Most Successful Companies Struggle To Convince VCs of Their Market Size, The Biggest Risk After Finding Product-Market Fit, and Why Pro-rata Only Benefits Investors, Not Founders

61. Alex French (Bizzy Coffee) – The Cold Brew Competitive Landscape, Becoming #1 on Amazon, and Some of The Differences Raising from VCs and Family Offices

60. Pippa Lamb (Sweet Capital) – Why Consumer Habits Developed During COVID Are Here To Stay, 99% Execution & 1% Vision, and Defining A Founder’s Unfair Advantage

59. Dan Graham (Springdale Ventures) – How He Scaled buildasign.com to over $100 million, The Opportunity He Saw Investing in CPG in Austin, and the Differences Analyzing DTC and Retail Brands

58. Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris (Lovevery) – Building Toys For Different Stages of a Child’s Development, Advice When Co-Founding A Company, and Their Approach to Fundraising

57. George Milton (Yellowbird Sauce) – Becoming The Hot Sauce Guy While Playing Gigs in Austin, Early Distribution Growing Pains, Getting into National Retail

56. Tyler Handley (Inkbox) -Tattoos, Defining and New Market, and Why The Stickiness Lies Within The Technology

55. Kanyi Maqubela (Kindred Ventures) – Why There’s Been an Explosion in Seed and Late Stage Funds, Diversity Amongst Investors & Market Risk, and Why he’s interested in Learning Why Something Is Not Fundable

#54 – Announcement: Events with Investors

#53 – Catharine Dockery (Vice Ventures) – Cannabis, Alcohol, Nicotine, Gambling and Everything Vice

#52 – Bonus: Compilation – One Piece of Advice Investors Have for B2C Founders

#51 – Nadine Habayeb (Bohana) – The Future of Superfood Healthy Snacks, How Eastern Traditions Have Migrated West, and Finding Product-Market Fit

#50 – Daniel Gulati (Comcast Ventures) – Execution vs. Network Type Business, How To Think About Winning a Category, and Evaluating Blue Ocean Opportunities

#49 – Byron Ling (Canaan) – Analyzing Teams, Why It Might Be Harder to Raise a Series A vs. Seed during COVID, and Why Distribution is as Important as Product

#48 – Claire Fauquier (Highland Capital Partners) – Purchase Behaviors of SMBs, Stretching Consumer and Sourcing at the Series A

#47 – Anna Whiteman (Coefficient Capital) – Bold Marketing Using Non-Standardizing Channels, When a DNVB Should Think About Omnichannel, and Milestones for CPG Companies at Series A

#46 – Adelle Archer (Eterneva) – From Ashes To Diamonds, A New Way To Honor Loved Ones and Experience Innovation

#45 – Bonus: Sasha Strauss (Innovation Protocol) – Brand Strategy, Not Making Brand Too Personal, and Importance of Positioning

#44 – Michael Duda (Bullish) – Why TAM Is Overrated, Empathize But Don’t Listen, and DTC 3.0

#43 – Joe Tonnos (Ketch Ventures & Mistral Equity Partners) – Cricket Protein, Tequila and Investing in Sustainability

#42 – Bonus: Arie Abecassis (ICONYC Labs) – The Board of Directors

#41 – Kate McAndrew (Bolt) – Distributed Teams, Fundraising Outside the Major Hubs, and Impact of COVID

#40 – Bonus: Brian Wang (Dashing Leadership) – Why A Founder Might Need A Coach and a Conversation About Curiosity, Judgement and Culture

#39 – Bonus: Zac Dearing – Paycheck Protection Program

#38 – Rishi Garg (Mayfield) – Consumer Distrust, Curated Experiences, and What’s Next For Social Media

#37 – David Goldberg (Corigin Ventures) – The Sharing Economy, Consumerization of Enterprise Software, and Distribution

#36 – Natalie Dillon (Maveron) – Subcultures, Sustainability, and the Differences Between Gen Z & Millennials

#35 – Kiva Dickinson (Selva Ventures) – Best Time To Start A Brand, Why First Mover is So Important in CPG, and Why VCs are Scared of Getting it Wrong

#34 – Madeline Keulen (Victress Capital) – Knowing Your Why, Analyzing Contrasting Trends, and Building Brands

#33 – Logan Langberg (Imaginary Ventures) – DTC 2.0, Multiple Channels of Distribution, and Paid vs. Organic Growth

#32 – Charles Hudson (Precursor Ventures) – The State of Seed Investing, The Early Stage Ecosystem, and Why Consumer Has Been Out Of Favor with VCs

#31 – Bonus: Coronavirus – Featuring Robert Gelb (HeySummit) – How early stage investors are thinking about the current landscape?

#30 – Laura Chau (Canaan) – The Five Pillars of Social Media, Moving Towards Status and the Power of Grit

#29 – Ethan Austin (Techstars) – Punched in the Face with a Problem, Analyzing Teams and EQ

#28 – Lee Hower (NextView Ventures) – Making Good Decisions Fast, Going With Your Gut and Why Trust at the Early Stages Is Vital

#27 – Bonus: Matt Hirst (West): Brand and Marketing – What is Brand?, How to Hire at the Early Stages, and Trusting Your Gut vs. Data Driven

#26 – Elizabeth Yin (Hustle Fund) – Investing When There’s No Traction and How To Mitigate Risk When Founding

#25 – Jason Shuman (Primary Ventures) – Payback Period, Market Timing, and The Importance of Distribution

#24 – Kate Boyle (Banjo Robinson) – Expanding Into Different Countries, Her Unfair Advantage, and Storytelling

#23 – Gautam Gupta (M13) – The Thin Line Between Success and Failure, Board Construction, and Why He Offers Learnings, Not Advice

#22 – Tim Katt (TACK Ventures) – How Tech is Disrupting Sports, Media and Advice for Founders in Secondary Markets

#21 – Sophie Bakalar (fable & Collaborative Fund) – What is Market Expertise?, Conscious Consumerism, and How She Sensed An Opportunity

#20 – Sumeet Shah (Swiftarc Ventures) – 4th Generation of Retail, Periscope Founders and What is Wrong in VC

#19 – Jason Stoffer (Maveron) – Mediocre Markets, Early Traction, and Knowing Your Weaknesses

#18 – Jordan Nof (Tusk VP) – Regulated Industries, The Importance of Timing, and Good Growth vs. Bad Growth

#17 – Eamonn Carey (Techstars) – Consumer Trends in Europe, Expanding to New Markets, and The Three Most Important Words in the English Language

#16 – Greg Bettinelli (Upfront Ventures) – #longla, Why Los Angeles Has Become a Hub of Consumer Innovation, and Finding Product-Market Fit & Founder-Market Fit

#15 – Paul Martino (Bullpen Capital) – What it Means to be a Contrarian Investor, The Arbitrage Opportunity at Post Seed, and Founders That Have Chips On Their Shoulders

#14 – Anna Barber (Techstars) – What makes the Los Angeles Tech Ecosystem So Special, Breakdown of Techstars Accelerator Program, Tips on How to Reach Out to Investors

#13 – Mike Ghaffary (Canvas Ventures) – How to Evaluate Online Marketplaces, Why This is a Contrarian time to Invest in Consumer

#12 – Leah Solivan (Fuel Capital) – The Importance of Passion, When a Company Should Have Product-Market Fit, and What Founders Should Pay Attention To In Their Pitch Decks

#11 – Will McClelland (Elizabeth Street) – The Changing of Retail on High Streets, How to Analyze Competitive Advantages, ROI on Consumer Companies

#10 – Mike Duboe (Greylock) – Learnings as Head of Growth at Stitch Fix & Tilt, The Importance of Saying No, and Analyzing Health of Acquisition

#9 – David Wu (Maveron) – The Reinvention of Entertainment, The Founder Scorecard, and The Lessons Learned from Building a Houseboat and Cruising Down the Mississippi

#8 – Rick Heitzmann (FirstMark Capital) – The Future of Marketplaces, Why Investing in B2C companies is different to B2B companies, Investing in Secondary and Tertiary Markets

#7 – Susan Lyne (BBG Ventures) – Why Investing in Women Founders is Still an Untapped Market

#6 – Caitlin Strandberg (Lerer Hippeau) – How To Identify Consumer Pain Points, The D2C Investment Landscape, and The New York Ecosystem

#5 – Ajay Kamat (Pear VC) – Clarity of Thought, The Future of Audio, and Today’s Investing Landscape

#4 – Amit Mukherjee (NEA) – The Gen Z Consumer, How to Evaluate Two Different Competing Companies

#3 – Nicole Quinn (Lightspeed Venture Partners) – Future of Media, Investing in Women, and Thinking Big

#2 – Hayden Williams (BrandProject)- Empathy, Investing in Smoothies, and the Fickle Consumer

#1 – Jay Kapoor (Launch Capital) – Persistence, Building Trust & Finding Founder-Market Fit